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Aluminium Clay
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Specification of Aluminium Clay

Aluminum Clay

It is the mineral content of montmorillonite found in the soil layer, as we know that the mineral content in the soil layer consists of three important components: montmorillonite, ilite and kaolinite.

Mineral montmorilonite is aluminum or hydro calcium silica which has a larger surface area and is very easy to absorb water in large quantities when compared with other minerals. Montmorilonite consists of layers of negatively charged silicates with cations within their layers.

This type of industrial chemistry has been used in the formulation of grease oil and has been widely known since the 20th century with the effect of good thickening ability to high temperature, so it is not easy to melt or the effect of falling at such high temperatures.

The benefits and uses of Sanmin Claymonite are as follows:
Ø Increase the power of rinse water suspension
Ø Cooler and Lubricant, etc.
Ø As a thickening mixture on grease oil, oil, etc.
Ø Holding dirt drill does not settle
Ø Barrier handling / drill strap more weight with increasing depth
    Or length of drill handlebars used.
Ø Restrain the water, gas or oil pressure coming out of the penetrated rock
    And prevents re-enforcement

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